Benefits Of Honey And Lemon (Surprising Facts !)


Benefits Of Honey And LemonReady to have your mind blown? Well, one thing’s for sure: right after you learn how much you can get from honey and lemon, you will not wait to get your hands on them.

Well, honey, as we all know, has been used for centuries for both its healing and beauty benefits. Lemon, on the other hand, contains powerful therapeutic properties just as honey does.

Ever wondered how much you could get from combining the two? Ever wondered how much you could benefit from the resulting health tonic?

how about we look at the benefits of the two combined?

Today, we’ll be shifting our focus to looking entirely at 8 of the best benefits you could get from honey and lemon.

The best part about the drink is that it is just really simple to make. As a matter of fact, once you get to see its benefits, you’ll be looking forward to it every day.

Making the honey-lemon drink.

First of all, you should boil up a cup of water. Having done so, allow it to cool down so that it is just warm to the touch.

With the warm water ready, the next thing you should do is get hold of your honey and add a teaspoonful. In this case, you should be certain that you are using genuine honey and not the mimic products such as corn syrup.

Also, for the best results, ensure that it has neither been filtered nor pasteurized. Stir the mixture properly and ensure that all the honey has dissolved.

Finally, take your lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze out the lemon juice into the honey water, give it a thorough stir and it will be ready to drink.

Benefits of honey and lemon

Moving on to the main event, it is now time to have a look at the benefits of the honey-lemon drink. Well, let’s get started, shall we?

Honey and lemon Benefits

  • It aids in digestion

There is nothing as annoying as a disturbed stomach especially if you’re not sure what is really causing the slowed or poor digestion.

Even with your first glass of honey-lemon drink, the first noticeable effect is that you will have an improved digestion.

This is what happens: upon the drink reaching your stomach, the production of stomach digestive acids and bile secretion is increased.

Food is then broken down and nutrients absorbed fast. This way, you won’t have to worry about having a bloated stomach.

  • Honey and lemon detoxifies the body

In today’s world, it is difficult for us to know what is organically grown and what’s not. Taking this into account, we end up ingesting toxic and contaminated substances at a high rate. In addition to this, environmental pollutants may get into our body via our skin’s respiratory system.

Upon being accumulated in body organs and tissues, they affect the normal working of our body organs. Besides honey has natural anti-bacterial properties, lemon has got citric acid which is a strong detoxifying agent. The lemon-water drink neutralizes the toxins in the body and flushes them out.

  •  Aids in weight loss

The third reason you should take the lemon-honey drink is that it naturally aids in melting down excess body fat.

As a matter of fact, the weight loss benefits from honey and lemon have been utilized by many for positive results. Lemon juice increases the body secretions hence makes lymph and blood movement better.

Also, it flushes out toxins which if accumulated can cause obesity since our body remove the toxins from circulation by trapping them in fat tissues.

From a lemon-honey drink, there is increased metabolism. If you necessarily want to lose weight, you could drink it on an empty stomach.

  • Gets rid of acne from the skin

Other than going for the cosmetic products, you could use the honey-lemon mixture for acne control. Here’s how this works.

For some, applying lemon juice on the face will take care of acne but sadly, this is not for everyone. What’s factual however is that lemon has got an oil-cutting effect which eliminates excess oil from the skin.

Owing to the fact that citric acid is an exfoliating agent, the clogged glands are freed hence the secretions flow easily.

Honey in the lemon-honey drink has got the anti-inflammatory feature which as well does reduce the occurrence of acne. The antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties also play a role in skin clarification.

  • Naturally, boosts your immunity

The quality honey normally has got some small amounts of pollen. This, if taken in the lemon-honey drink aids in building the immunity of your body against seasonal allergies and infections.

As a matter of fact, by taking the lemon-honey drink, there will be a noticeable reduction in catching the flu.

Other than this, both honey and lemon have got outstanding anti-bacterial properties. By taking a cup daily, you’ll be lowering your chances of catching diseases each day.

  • Relieves throat infections

Finally, if you just so happen to have a problem with your respiratory system be it a throat infection, a cough or a chest congestion.

Upon taking a cup of the lemon-honey drink, you will instantly be relieved of your sore throat. The best thing about it is that it is not temporary as is the case of most medical prescriptions.

Honey has got peroxides which act as disinfectants hence upon drinking the honey-lemon mixture, the bacteria on your throat is eliminated.

The freshly-prepared honey lemon drink also takes care of a cough as lemon within the honey helps thin the mucous hence easier to cough up.

Side effects of taking honey and lemon

>>> Though it may come as a surprise, it is actually recommended that you limit your consumption. There is lot of benefits of honey and lemon but here are some side effects of honey-lemon drink too.

>>> If the honey you are using is of poor quality or has additives in it, you may end up having high blood sugar level.

>>> If not taken in the right proportion, you may end up with too much lemon in your drink. As a result, what happens is that you may experience tooth corrosion with time. Even though it will be hardly noticeable, it will be present.

>>> Something else that you may experience is fatigue especially if you are using syrup instead of honey. Also, something else that you may experience is heartburns which should not occur whatsoever if you’re taking pure category honey.

>>> Taking into account that some people are allergic to honey, it is recommended that you seek your physician’s advice before you take the drink.


With everything that we’ve learned today regarding the honey-lemon drink, why not try it out? After all, it’s easy to prepare anytime you want, completely organic and free of any contaminants and most of all it is cheap.

All things considered, you certainly won’t be doing your body justice if you don’t try out this drink. By simply taking a cup daily, you’ll be getting more from it than you can possibly imagine and definitely get to enjoy the outstanding taste.

All in all, beware of the side effects and ensure that you take it in moderation. If you happen to have any complications, do see your physician.

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