Best 2×2 Speed Cube Review : Top Picks 2018

Best 2×2 Speed Cube

Whoever said that you need to have a 3 x 3-speed cube or anything above it to have what it takes to be the ideal puzzler clearly did not know a thing about speed cubes.

Here’s the truth nonetheless

As far as speed cubes go, it’s all about getting the biggest challenge of it. Being the simplest to solve as compared to bigger cubes and having a difficulty level of 1 out of 5, it can give you a run for your money a well.

Owing to the face that there is million possible moves you can make and only one solution, it doesn’t sound that easy now, does it? This can be quite the challenge, especially If you are just using the speed cubes for the first time which is why I’ll share with you a little secret of mine on getting the best.

Also, if you want the ideal cube for your kid, then this one should be it. have their minds sharper, faster and make problem-solving fun for them to a whole new level.

Let me tip you off on exactly what you should go for!

Comparison Table : 2 x 2 speed cubes

How to choose the ideal 2 x 2-speed cubes.

To cut to the chase, we’ll be looking at even the smallest details in the next few paragraphs. After all, it’s what has distinguished the best product from the worst since time immemorial.

  • What is the nature of the colors?

Just as it is expected when it comes to any product for sale, the moment we lay your eyes on something for the first time is enough to determine whether or not you’ll purchase it. for the speed cube as well, this is the case.

The original Rubik’s cube, from which the idea for the construction of the speed cube is borrowed from have colored stickers.

This, as it turns out ended up quite the setback since they’d either peel off or fade off. If you were careless and exposed them to liquids, you’d spoil your cube even a few hours after having it on your hands and possibly not even solved half of the puzzle


Thanks to modern technology and innovation this doesn’t have to be something to worry us anymore. The tiles in the best cubes nowadays are made out of ABS plastic. Not only is this loved for being safe, but it also doesn’t peel off, fade and therefore you can’t cheat whatsoever.

  • Is the tension adjustable?

Speed cubes are meant to help you solve the puzzle much faster. If the tension is too hard, you’ll be slower. If it’s too loose on the other hand, well the cubes may easily get misaligned when you don’t want them to.

Here’s why the tension is important…

Out of the box, your 2 x 2 cube will come with the tension set by the manufacturer. It doesn’t, however, mean that this is the best possible setting. What you may deem as comfortable may end up being too difficult for your four-year-old to use.

  • What are odds of the cube popping?

Popping is the instance of a tile on your cube entirely comes off. Tension is in most cases determines whether or not you’ll experience popping. Though, in the best cubes, no matter how loose the tension is the tiles will still be in place.

Some cubes may be of substandard quality and no matter how tight they are, they just won’t stay in place. Nonetheless, here’s how to know the best:

You may try to loosen the tension as much as possible to the point where the faces rotate with least effort. You can then play around with the cube and see whether any tile will threaten to come off.

  • Lockups shouldn’t be present

Lockups occur when you try to turn a face of the cube but there’s a lag or a bit of effort than you usually put. We don’t want this, especially when it comes to speed cubing.

As it turns out and you may probably have guessed this as well, lockups occur when the faces are not aligned perfectly hence the edges hit each other.

Here’s what to expect from the best:

It’s important that your cube be compact rather than flimsy. You can simply try a few turns of the faces to determine this. If it’s smooth then you’re good to go but if otherwise, you’d better get a replacement.

  • Corner cutting.

Corner cutting is the ability to make a turn even when the faces are not perfectly aligned. This makes things easier for the speed cubers since you can make moves quicker and easier.

The traditional Rubik’s cube did not have this which is one of the things that brought about the innovation of corner cutting technique.

Here’s how it’s made possible:

The magic all happens in the spherical core. It has to be as flexible as possible to allow for such to happen. In addition to this, you need to have it lubricated when need be, for the best experience.

Our top 8 most outstanding picks of the best 2×2 speed cubes

1 of 8 – MoYu YJ Lingpo 2 x 2 x 2 Speed Cube

MoYu YJ Lingpo 2 x 2 x 2 Speed Cube

As it should be expected from a 2 x 2 cube, the MoYu YJ Lingpo measures 50x50x50mm. This is quite the ideal measurement since it will not be too small to fit in your hand and at the same time, it will not be too large to be used by your kid.

When we think durability when it comes to the speed cubes, the next thing to probably come in mind is the nature of colors on it. well, in this case, you’ll get stickers on the cube.

These are however the ordinary stickers you’ll get on any cube but on the contrary, they’re the durable Moyu stickers. You’ll, therefore, have to be so rough while solving it or simply tug them off for them to come off.

Above all else, speed is what determines how good the cube is. If you’re looking for a fast and silent cube, be sure to check this one out. The good thing about it is that even out of the box, you won’t have to tune it or adjust the tension.

One area of concern:

Despite the benefits, you’ll not get corner cutting from this cube. On the bright side, going the old school way will give you a bigger challenge.

2 of 8 – ShengShou 2x2x2 Puzzle Cube

ShengShou 2x2x2 Puzzle CubeLooking for an even better design for a faster experience? Then the ShengShou might just be what you are looking for. Within it is a spring screw design which makes things much smoother and faster.

Corner cutting: when we think speed, we definitely have to question whether or not we’re going to get corner cutting from a cube.

Taking this into account, the design is made in such a way that the cube corner cuts smoothly and quickly without any hassle.

You don’t have to worry about popping…

Despite having a spring instead of a sphere on the inside, the cube does quite a good job in remaining intact. The stability will remain this way unless you decide to lube it too much in which case it will come apart.

Worth the challenge. Think this will only pose a challenge for your kid, think again? Just as difficult as the 3 x 3 cube, the ShengShou is bound to give you a run for your money as well. Truth be told, the fun you get in the challenge can just be equal to the frustration you may get when the going gets tough.

3 of 8 – Vdealen Speed Cube Set

Vdealen Speed Cube SetWell, let’s face it, no matter how fast the cube is, it would be good as none if it were not stable at all. This cube, however, incorporates both speed and stability which is every puzzler’s dream.

Let’s check it out:

Quality construction. With the eco-friendly ABS material used in the construction, you won’t have to worry about the colors fading or peeling off.

Moreover, the material can be recycled- this alone makes it definitely worth your money.

State-of-the-art anti-pop technology. Besides being fast and smooth in each turn, the Vdealen Speed Cube actually does come with an improved anti-pop technology.

This means that unless you’re very strong and have used a lot of lube on it, the cube won’t budge.

Outstanding stability. Besides being anti-pop, the internal corners of the cube are rounded which reduces the possibility of lockups. Corner cutting is at its best which means you get to solve the puzzle twice as fast

If the tension is too tight or too loose for you, you can adjust it easily. This is simply done by loosening or tightening the screw on all faces equally and you’re good to go.

4 of 8 – Qiyun Boys 2×2 Stickerless Speed Cube 50mm

Qiyun Boys 2x2 Stickerless Speed CubeWe’re doing good so far, we’re halfway through our list.

Looking for the best 2×2 speed cube, then this one ought to blow your mind. For starters, you won’t have to worry about getting any lockups on it. This can only be credited to the outstanding design of the inner edges of the tiles.

The fact that it is stickerless is another plus for you. This gives you the added advantage of not only having to be so cautious where you place it but you also get to use it for quite some time. No fading, no peeling off and ultimately get the honest solution.

Get your most preferred tension. If you find it too tight or too loose after unboxing it, you can set the tension as per your preference. That screw at the center of every face should easily do the trick. This also comes in handy when your kids want to enjoy the challenge.

Quite the catch if strategy games are your thing. For anyone who loves puzzles, then you’ll automatically fall in love with this one. From the colors to the mechanics, it’ll be sure to perform almost flawlessly

5 of 8 – D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2×2 Speed Cube

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2x2 Speed Cube Don’t dare underestimate this cube based on the fact that it’s a 2×2 speed cube. The D-FantiX can be used by both you and your kid.

The fascinating part about it is that it’s not that easy as you may think- it’ll definitely give you a run for your money.

It is worth mentioning that the corner cutting on the D-FantiX Cyclone will give you an experience like you’ve never had before.

You will, without any hassle have faster and even more accurate experiences each time you use the cube.

To add on to the excellent stability is the adjustable tension. Though the tension it comes with is not always the best for everybody, it’s quite comfortable in most hands.

The speed cube also comes pre-lubricated which eliminates the risk of you damaging it by doing this yourself.

Of course, it would be annoying if you were using it and one tile gets out of place. To prevent this, the best anti-pop technology is used in making the cube. With this, you’ll have faster and smoother motion.

Putting all the above features altogether, you end up with a durable and one of the best performing 2×2 speed cubes.

6 of 8 – V-Cube Pillowed 2 Cube Toy, White/Multicolor

V-Cube Pillowed 2 Cube ToyThe V-Cube Pillowed 2 Cube Toy almost brings us to the end of our list. It stands out as one of the top choices for new puzzlers.

Even with a difficulty level that’s as low as 1 on a scale of 1-5, it will still give you quite the challenge.

The most noticeable thing about this cube is that it has rounded edges rather than the common right-angled ones. Until you’ve used it, you won’t appreciate the design.

It will fit in your palm more comfortably and at the same time perform equally as good as other cubes in its class or even better.

It goes without saying that for such a design, you should expect it to perform faster which is exactly what it does.

The pillow design, complemented with other factors such as the rotating core can better your speed up to 50% more than the flat-faced ones will give you.


One setback on this cube is that it comes with stickers. These, though durable will not cut it since at one point they’ll end up peeling off. It is, therefore, best that you handle it with utmost care.

7 of 8 – DaYanZhanchi 2 x 2 50mm Speed Cube Black Puzzle

Dayan Zhanchi 2×2 Speed Cube


On the second last position on our list is the DaYanZhanchi. Should this really be the best 2X2 cube for you? Well, let’s find out about that.

First, it is constructed with ABS material. this is highly recommended since ABS is eco-friendly and can be recycled.

The colors are however vinyl stickers. You should be careful with these since with time they may peel off.

The adjustable tension is also worth mentioning when it comes to the best 2×2 speed cube reviews. The tension dictates how fast you’ll solve the puzzle.

You should get it just right- neither too loose nor too tight. Ensure that it is equal on all the four faces.

To give you a smoother and faster experience, the DaYanZhanchi is lubed out of the box. This is a plus since if you do this on your own, the cube may end up coming apart.

Corner cutting is not left out on this speed cube. Well, it’s quick and responsive enough which means that you’ll get to solve the puzzles much faster. The smoothness is also just as good, you won’t have to worry about lockups at all.

8 of 8 – Black WitTwo Type C 2x2x2 Cube Puzzle

Black WitTwo Type C 2x2x2 Cube PuzzleThe last on our list of the best 2×2 speed cube review is the Black WitTwo Type C. since speed should come first as it is expected of a speed cube, this one might just have what you’re looking for.

The spring within makes corner cutting one of the best experiences that you’ll hardly get from any other cube.

Measuring 2x2x2 inches and weighing only 2.4 ounces, it’s quite light even for a 4-year-old.

Though most people tend to overlook this, weight turns out to be a crucial factor in speed cubing.

How can you do it fast enough if it’s not comfortable on your palm?

Offering you the best construction as you deserve:

Besides having a spring on the inside, you can adjust the tension quite easily. Have it set neither too tight nor too loose and you’re good to go.

The inner edges of the tiles have been designed in the best way possible. This makes it almost impossible for any lockups to occur. There is also the anti-popping technology which is what allows you to use the cube as fast as you want without the tiles popping out.

Final Verdict

Taking a look at all the 8 products, making a choice isn’t easy at all. It can be said that it’s an almost impossible choice to make.

From the buying guide, however, you should take note of that one feature that you desire most and ensure that it’s in every cube you consider purchasing.

As mentioned above, the product listing presents you with mind-blowing 2×2 cubes. Before picking any of them.

Always have a look at the price since the best is not always the most expensive. On the other hand, you should only compromise quality when you’re on a budget.


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