Best 4×4 Cube (Top 6 Speed Cube Rating & Reviews)

As far as getting the best 4×4 speed cube is concerned, one thing that’s for sure is that it is not always about how much you spend on it or which brand made the cube. on the contrary, it is how much you will be getting from the cube that matters.

When it comes to the puzzles, the speed cubes tend to be some of the most challenging and at the same time the most interesting. Just like in the Rubik’s cube, the speed cubes will offer you something close to the experience only that this time, things will be faster, smoother and obviously better.

In this section, we’ll be looking at what you should look for if you’re shopping for the first time or want an upgrade. We’ll also have a look at 6 of the best 4×4 cubes in the market.

Without much ado. Let’s get started…

 Here’s what you should look for if you want the best.

If you want the best, then you have to do what it takes to get it. To give you a head start, here are some of the major things you should consider before getting a 4×4 speed cube.

  • How good is the corner-cutting?

If you’ve used both a Rubik’s cube and a speed cube, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference especially when it comes to turning the faces. One thing that speed cubes have that makes them better than the Rubik’s cubes is the corner cutting feature.

This simply allows you to make a turn without all the faces being aligned. Though this feature is not present in all Rubik’s cubes, the few that have it are actually the best. Though it may take some time, you’ll get to use it perfectly and be able to solve your puzzle twice as fast.

  • Does it come lubricated or not?

The main idea behind the construction of the speed cubes is to make them as fast as possible to handle. Having them lubricated is one of the ways to make them faster.

Here’s how it works.

The secret to how good a speed cube is lies within the core. If the core is of the best quality, it will allow all the tiles attached to it to move without any hassle. In some cases, you may not necessarily need to lubricate the core.

When you have to, however, you’ll need to be careful not to overdo it since this may make the core weaker and results to some tiles popping off.

If you’re lucky, the cube may come pre-lubricated for you.

  • Stickerless vs stickered speed cubes.

This is entirely a question of why you should go for either speed cube. let’s start with the stickered cubes.

The stickered 4×4 speed cubes normally come with stickers on them. Though some of these are durable, they’ll eventually give in after some time and you will have to deal with fading and the stickers peeling off.

On the bright side, however, these speed cubes are the best especially if you are on a budget.

As for the stickerless ones, there’s no peeling off or fading hence the best durability. Also, with the stickers being in place for as long as you’ll be using the cube, there’s no way you can cheat in solving the puzzle.

  • Will lockups be an issue?

The smoother the experience, the better; after all, that’s what the speed cubes are all about, right? Let’s have a look at what lockups are about.

Think of when you’re trying to beat your own record in speed cubing or you’re in the middle of a competition then you get interrupted by lags every now and then. Quite annoying, right?

In most cases, lockups in either the speed cubes or the Rubik’s cubes are caused by poor construction of the inner surfaces of the tiles. When these are not well aligned, the faces brush against each other hence you get a delay with most of the turns you make.

  • Does it come with the anti-pop technology?

Popping or an explosion as some people like to refer to the instance of a tile on a speed cube falling off can be quite annoying. First, when this occurs, you will have to completely stop using the cube and start figuring out how to put the piece or pieces back together again.

Secondly, it is not easy to put the pieces back together again hence you’ll end up wasting a lot of time trying to do so.

Generally, popping is caused by poor construction of the core of the speed cube. be sure to give the cube a few turns and see whether it is firm enough.

6 of the best 4×4 cubes in 2017

Having had a look at the key things to consider before getting yourself a 4×4 speed cube, here’s a list of 6 of the best choices we have for you.

1 of 6 – D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4×4 Speed Cube

 D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 4×4 Speed CubeIf you’re looking for something that proves to be equally as good a puzzle for you as well as your kid, this is definitely it.

The D-FantiX Cyclone will improve your concentration, your IQ, overall cognitive skills as well as a better memory.

It is made out of the eco-friendly ABS material. not only will this not pose any health hazard to either you or your kids, but it is also recyclable. You, therefore, do not have to worry about disposing of it.

Entirely stickerless. When it comes to durability, getting a stickerless cube is possibly one of the best features you can get from your money.

This is so since you won’t have to worry about the color peeling off or fading with time. Hypothetically, you get to use it for as long as possible.

The best corner cutting. To make things twice as fast, the cube comes with an awesome corner cutting feature. This allows you to make a turn without aligning all the faces which just makes it one of the best cubes for speed solving

2 of 6 – Speed Cube, UROPHYLLA Speed Magic Cube 4x4x4 Stickerless

UROPHYLLA Speed Magic Cube 4x4x4Think more creatively, foster a better memory and have utmost fun while on the go.

Truth be told, if you’re going to get all these from a single speed cube, then you surely are having a big bang for your money.

Not only will it prove to be an ideal puzzle for you, but it also will for your kid.

You surely will experience the best abrasion resistance. holding it in your hand alone will leave you in awe. The cube’s design is made in such a way that you get to have the most comfortable feel each time you use it.

With the small dynamic and static friction coefficient, you get to use the cube smoothly without any hassle and lube application. For any speed solvers, this 4×4 speed cube is definitely something worth trying out.

Completely safe for everyone.

With the ABS material construction, the cube is toxic free hence safe for use even by your kids. Besides this, ABS is eco-friendly hence it can be recycled.

 3 of 6 – LGSAN Brainstorming The best gift with 4×4 Puzzle Cube

LGSAN 4x4 Puzzle CubeWhether you need an upgrade or simply need to step up your skills when it comes to the speed cubes. This is definitely the cube for you. Let’s have a look at what it’s got in-store for us.

Comes pre-lubricated for you already. Even for the advanced users, this is sometimes a problem and they may end up overdoing it to a point where the parts become too lose.

To make things both easier and smoother for you, the cube is already pre-lubricated for you.

The tension is adjustable. To make things a lot smoother for you, you can adjust the tension using the center cap beneath each center screw. Have the tension set equally on each face and you’re good to go.

Durable structure:

To ensure tightness while cornering, it comes with angle blocks’ splicing technology as well as grooves & edge clamp design.

Considering that the new PA plastic center axis is also pre-lubricated, it is able to last longer hence the cube is usable longer as well. the anti-pop technology is verified as the best by the 3-meter drop test performed on each cube.

4 of 6 – MoYu Aosu New Structure Speed Cube, Black, 4 x 4

MoYu Aosu New Structure Speed CubeLooking for the ideal cube for speed solving? This is definitely something you should check out. First of all, it comes with an outstanding corner cutting feature.

This makes it easier for it to operate and in addition to this, the corner cutting is smooth as well.

No popping whatsoever no matter how long you use it. the time and effort to put the pieces together once they pop out can be annoying.

To save you the trouble, this cube has got the best anti-pop technology which doesn’t give in no matter how fast you are.

Comfortable to use. Besides being able to give you quite the experience and challenge, the cube’s construction makes it easy to use. It measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighs 16 ounces only. It definitely will fit in your hand and won’t be too heavy for you.


For such a cube with outstanding features, the fact that it comes with stickers is discouraging. Though the stickers are durable, they certainly give in with time and unless you handle them with utmost care, they’ll peel off and fade.

5 of 6 – MoYu New Aosu Structure 4×4 Stickerless Speed Cube

MoYu New Aosu Structure 4x4Coming second last on our list is the MoYu New Aosu.

From the name alone, we can tell that this cube is quite durable. With the colors, not being made of stickers, they get to remain in place for long.

This means that no matter how fast you are as a speed solver, this just so happens to be the right cube for you.

Offers you great corner-cutting. If you can be able to make a turn without aligning all the faces, then it certainly is the best 4×4 cube for you. This makes things much faster for you.

With a 2.9×2.7×2.6-inch dimension and only weighing 5.6 ounces, the MoYu New Aosu will not only fit perfectly in your hand, but it will certainly not feel too heavy to hold.

This eliminates any chances of having to stop due to fatigue.

Great anti-pop technology. As far as durability is concerned, this is one of the features that makes the cube as good as it is. If you’ve got small hands or need it for someone who does, you don’t have to worry about dropping it, it’s quite intact.

6 of 6 – Shengshou ® 4x4x4 Puzzle Cube Black

Shengshou ® 4x4x4 Puzzle Cube BlackFinalizing our list is the Shengshou 4×4 speed cube. whether you need it as a replacement or something to give you a bigger challenge, this certainly will be worth it.

First of all, the turns are smooth and fast as well which is just enough to qualify it as an ideal cube for speed solving.

It is worth mentioning that this is even possible without any lube application which also automatically qualifies it as a quality product.

To make things faster, it allows you to enjoy corner cutting. For anyone who knows about speed solving, this is one of the best features you can utilize to complete the puzzle in the shortest time


There is a little sloppiness in the movement which gives the cube a feel of being a little loose which in turn can result to popping if too much force is used.

Also, you need to be careful especially when it comes to speed solving since the stickers may give in after some time and the colors may start fading away or peeling off.

Final Verdict

Coming to a conclusion, we certainly would be doing an injustice to ourselves if we overlooked the smaller details on a speed cube.

From the stickers on the outside to the core within the cube, everything should be perfect or at least close to perfect. The corner cutting should be outstanding, the core shouldn’t allow for any pops to occur and the inner edges should be just right to prevent lockups.

From either of the 6 cubes, we recommend for you, be sure to get the best performance. As good as it may be, however, always handle it with utmost care

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