Best Bee Smoker Reviews : (6 Great Choices)


Best Bee Smoker

Are you looking for the best bee smoker? Why would you really need a bee smoker? How far would you go so as to get the best? What style do you desire?

These are just but some of the questions you ought to have in mind before you go out shopping for a bee smoker among other hive tools.

Truth be told, even though it may seem like a simple tool, honey harvesting can be quite a hassle if you do not have one of these.

In this section, we’ll be having an in-depth look at why you should get yourself one of these.

In addition to this, we’ll also be looking at 6 of the best choices you could make in 2017. Well, that being said, how about we get started with the buying guide?

Top picks : Bee Smoker

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Simple buying guide: things to consider

With the working and the benefit of having a bee smoker at your fingertips, let’s move on to looking at some of the things you should take into account when it comes down to using the bee smoker.

  • The fuel

One of the most important things on a bee smoker is the fuel you’re going to use. There are a lot of things you could use with some of the most common being hay/dry grass, egg trays, fabric or touchwood. Provided you know where to look, you can’t miss something to use as fuel.

Each type of fuel has its own unique features in the sense that whereas some may not smoke as well as others, others will burn out faster than others.

  • Safety when bee smoking

One mistake that most beekeepers do is doing it too much. As you do your smoking, have in mind that you are not going out there to fight the bees but rather to simply calm them down. As you open the hive, you can just let in a few puffs and get on with what you are doing.

  • The type of smoker to go for

Something else to consider is the type of smoker you’ll want to be using. There is the traditional design with the burner and the bellows that have been used for hundreds of years.

This is up to date convenient for use. An alternative to this one is the rauchboy smoker that is more of a technological unit with a heating unit and a fan.

  • Durability

When it comes to durability, you should take the material it is made out of into account. The quality bee smokers in the market over the years have been made of durable stainless steel material.

Owing to the fact that you can easily end up dropping your smoker, besides handling it roughly, of course, it should be able to withstand most potential to damages.

  • Is the bellow easy enough for you to use?

Does beekeeping involve the use of gloves or bee suits for the safety, right?

Taking this into account, it is important that you get yourself a smoker that will allow you to pump without any hassles. By being easy to use, it shouldn’t be a problem to use it in one hand at all.

Best bee smoker 2017

We’re done with the buying guide. Now, let’s move on to the reviews. Below are the bee smoker reviews. Let’s count them down.

1 of 6 –  Goodland Bee Supply 11-Inch Bee Hive Smoker

Goodland Bee Supply 11-Inch Bee Hive SmokerLooking for something catchy and still up to the task? Well, the Goodland Bee Supply is definitely it. First off, the smoker is built to last.

It comes constructed with a welded stainless steel cylinder which renders it durable. At the side is also a laser etched logo that gives it a rather stylish look.

As for ease of use, it is made to be completely comfortable even when you are wearing gloves.

In addition to this, something else that’s worth pointing out about the smoker is that it comes with a mounting hook. This makes it quite easy for you to store it when not in use.

So as to ensure there is optimal airflow circulation, there is a perforated smoke pellet stand. This keeps the fuel burning and the smoke going just the way you need it.

The smoker also comes with a welded metal fall as well as a heated cage. With the two of these, your hands are kept from burning and the smoker is also protected from dropping.

2 of 6 – CO-Z Bee Hive Smoker with Heat Shield

CO-Z Bee Hive Smoker With Heat ShieldMoving on, second on our list we have the CO-Z Bee Hive. If you’re looking for the ultimate smoker for either bee hive maintenance or honey harvesting, this one’s definitely what you ought to go for.

First off, it comes with a removable and perforated base plate that has got foldable stands which are able to provide an outstanding air flow. This keeps the smoke going as long as you need it to.

For added convenience, it comes with a mounting hook that permits you to hang it up when it comes to storing it.

Also, other than just storage, the hook comes in handy when you need to use both hands to work on the hive- just hang the smoker up close by.

For safety purposes, the CO-Z Bee Hive Smoker has for heat shields that keep your hands cool all the time you’ll be using the tool.


Besides just having an outstanding performance, its durability is not overlooked on the smoker. It is constructed exclusively of stainless steel to keep it working even when handled roughly.

3 of 6 – Honey Keeper Bee Hive Smoker with Heat Shield

Honey Keeper Bee Hive SmokerIf you’re looking for the best, then you should definitely consider having a look at this smoker.Let’s find out why it’s the best, shall we?

Outstanding construction:

Being one of the major things that distinguish the best from the rest, durability should be paramount. It’s quite important that the body be as durable as possible.

As for the Honey Keeper, you’ll be getting a stainless steel body which keeps the smoker working for as long as possible.

The bellows on the smoker are probably the best you could get on a bee smoker. This simply means that you’ll have consistent airflow at all times.

Besides the bellow, something else that keeps the air flowing is the heat aerator which also does ensure that the smolders do last for as long as possible.

Your safety is also taken into account on this smoker. So as to keep your hands from burning, there is a shield all around the smoker to ensure this. No matter how long you’ll be in the hive area, you’ll use it comfortably.

4 of 6 – Hoont Commercial Grade Bee Smoker

Hoont Commercial Grade Bee SmokerWe’re past halfway on our list and we’re doing good so far. Coming 4th on our lit we have the Hoont Commercial Grade Bee Smoker. Let’s have a quick look at what it’s got for us, shall we?

Amazingly easy to light-on the smoker is a high-quality oxygen tray which assists when it comes to lighting up the fire.

What this does is that it allows air to penetrate the fire even from under the flame hence there is optimal air circulation.

All you have to do is light up a newspaper, blow the bellows then add some fuel to it. Utmost safety- besides being convenient to use, it is also quite safe for you to use as well.

On the smoker is a strong metal shield that protects you from burns and also has got a lid tab that’s easy to open.

From the bellows to the cylinder, the construction is made to last. The cylinder is stainless steel and on the side is also a metal hook that makes it easy to store the smoker.

5 of 6 – New Bee Hive Smoker w/Heat Shield

New Bee Hive Smoker W/Heat ShieldComing second last on our list is one of the best from VIVO. Let’s have a look at what it packs under the hood, shall we?

Comes with a perforated base. You don’t want the bees to keep you distracted now, do you? So as to ensure that things remain this way.

There is a perforated base on the smoker. What this does is that it keeps the air flowing hence the fuel keeps on burning.

The mounting hook on the side can be used to either suspend the smoker when you want to use two hands or alternatively, you can use it to store the smoker when it’s not in use.

Above all else, your safety is paramount. So as to ensure you are as safe as possible, the smoker comes with a heat shield protective guard.

This simply surrounds the smoker so as to prevent any burns hence making it both easy and safe to use. It’s one of the best bee smoker in the market.

The smoker is also made of stainless steel which is durable. This also does produce safe and cool smoke that calms the bees and protects you during harvesting or maintenance.

6 of 6 – XtremepowerUS Bee Hive Smoker w Heat Shield

XtremepowerUS Bee Hive SmokerFinally, end of our article we’ve got the XtremepowerUS Bee Smoker. Let’s have a look at what it’s got in store for us…

First of all, it’s got a removable base plate which is not something that you’ll find every day.

This also has got foldable stands that ensure there is an outstanding airflow which keeps the fuel burning. As for the construction, it’s made of stainless steel

The smoker is also equipped with a heat shield that keeps your hands cool no matter how long you’ll be using the smoker.

On the side is a mounting hook. Besides being convenient when it comes to storing the smoker, it also does come in handy if you need to use both hands when going about your hive maintenance.

Like all bee smokers, it is made to give you the most relaxed time when it comes to calming the bees so as to perform hive routine checks, merging the colony or harvesting the honey.

Lighting a Bee Smoker

Benefits and importance of bee smoker.

First off, it’s important that you know the benefits of a bee smoker before you get yourself one, below are some of them:

>>> Calm the bees- the smoke used with the bee smoker naturally calms the bees down and even though there may be honey in the hive, they will not be too aggressive.

>>> Upon using the smoker, you’ll have the bees in a cooperative mood and won’t scare them away. This way, you get to keep your bees and the honey as well.

>>> Easier routine inspections. As compared to other traditional methods such as a fire that could kill or scare away the bees completely, smoke is much safer.

>>> Reduced chances of dying- when smoke is used, the bees are calm hence they won’t sting. Their chances of dying are therefore reduced.

>>> When the smoker is used, it is much easier to replace the boxes on the hive without squashing the bees.

How does a bee smoker work?

You now have the benefits of having a bee smoker at your fingertips, right? How about we have a look at the working of a bee smoker now?

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

If you thought that the reason the bees retreat to the hive is that of the perception of fire, here’s a shocker: it has totally nothing to do with that.

What happens is that the smoker breaks the pheromone signal that is used to communicate danger.

The worker bees will normally communicate with each other if there is a hive intrusion but when smoke is present, this communication is broken.

When their method of communication is hampered, the bees will be calmer hence there will be less stinging.

Final verdict.

Summing up our bee smoker review, the importance of the smoker should not be underestimated. It proves to be quite a significant beekeeping tool especially when carrying out hive inspections or harvesting honey.

Besides your own safety, you should also take into account the safety of the bees when using the smoker. Simply ensure that the fuel you use is not harmful the bees.

Even though it may be the most durable, ensure that you store it properly after use just as you would all the other beekeeping tools.

All in all, take your time when shopping for the best, you can start off with 6 of our recommended choices and you’ll be good to go.

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