Best Beekeeping Starter Kit (5 Reliable Choices)

Best Beekeeping Starter Kit

There is always a first time for everything, right? Even though beekeeping is one of the longest traditions carried out by humans for centuries, there are always better ways to maintain the hives being discovered each day. This is exactly why you need to have the best beekeeping starter kit.

What a beekeeping starter kit simply does for you is making your beekeeping experience as a beginner much easier. It provides you with most of the basic items you will be needing to have your beehive up and running only with the exception of the honey bees.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get your hands on the best starter kit? Though it may seem too good to be true, we actually have the top starter kits for you. As a matter of fact, 5 of these.

Other than just the products, we’ll also be taking a look at a simple buyer’s guide. Let’s get to the details now, shall we?

Our best picks

To save you the hassle of reading all through, let’s have a look at our best, shall we?

A complete guide to buying beekeeping starter kit

Before you go ahead and make your purchase, it is quite important that you take a few important things into account. Here’s what you should consider.

  • The beehive.

This is the most important equipment in your starter kit. Yours should have a hive cover as well as the bottom board supers.

In each super, you should have about 8-10 frames where the eggs and young ones will be and also where honey and pollen are stored.

The supers and frames should also be tight and square and most of the cells in the combs of the brood should be able to accommodate the workers.

  • The honey extracting equipment.

When the time comes to get your honey, it’s important that you have the best equipment to do so. Considering it would be your first time, having a blower is the most appropriate. In the beekeeping starter kit, you will find blowers.

Besides the blowers, something else that will come in handy is the honey extractor. Depending on your budget, you can go for a starter kit with either a motor driven or a hand-powered honey extractor

  • Ensure that your kit has a warranty.

No matter how simple the product is, if it’s functionality is good enough, then it should definitely come along with a warranty.

This is simply what covers you just in case the product you are using happens to be defective in one way or the other.

Besides the warranty, if it has the option of a money back guarantee, it is also good enough to go for.

  • The cost.

Similar to most products, the cost is just as important when it comes down to purchasing the beekeeping starter kit.

Even though to some this may seem like a rather expensive option to go for, it is definitely cheaper as compared to purchasing the components included separately.

Also, the cost and the quality go hand in hand in most cases. If it is expensive, then it’s quality is the best. If otherwise, then there’s a chance it may be of inferior quality.

  • Does it have a manual?

Something else that should definitely be in the starter kit is the user manual. It will be your first time trying out beekeeping, right?

It is therefore important that you get as much help as you can to do this perfectly and there is no better way to get this other than the manufacturer.

Included in the kit should be a user manual. This alone can be all you need to get things going

  • The quality of the components.

There are a number of ways you can be able to gauge whether or not the starter kit is of a good quality with the price and warranty being some of them.

There is, however, more to quality other than just this. You could have a look at the manufacturer’s reputation for instance as well as the first-hand feedback from previous users of the starter kit.

What should you expect to get the starter kit?

  • A hive- this is one of the most important things since it is where the bees will be staying. Ensure that it’s the best quality wood and has the best construction.
  • A hive tool- if you want something that’ll easily handle the frames, this is definitely it.
  • A beekeeping veil- this allows you to see what you are doing without getting stung all the same
  • A pair of sting resistant gloves- what these do is simply keep your hands from being stung by the bees.
  • A user manual- this simply guides you on installing the hive and using the tools.
  • A smoker- this is what keeps the bees calm to get maintenance or honey harvesting going smoothly
  • A jacket- like a veil and gloves, this protects your back, torso, and arms from being stung by the bees

Best beekeeping starter kit 2017

Having had a look at some of the important things to consider, it’s now time to move on to the beekeeping starter kit reviews. Here are 5 of the best.

1 of 5 – Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

Basic Beekeeping Starter KitIf you want to have the easiest time when it comes to setting up your new hive, this is definitely what you should go for.

First off, it comes pre-assembled already. This is simply one of the best possible deals you could get.

As a matter of fact, after getting this starter kit, all that’s left for you to do is book the best bees and you’re good to go.

The kit includes one painted 10 frame 9 5/8 inch assembled hive body and in addition to this, there are the ten 9 1/8 assembled wood frames that have a yellow waxed RiteCell foundation.

It also has got an entrance reducer and a painted telescoping cover with an inner cover.

Something else that’s included for you out of the box is a large pair of economy leather gloves, an Alexander bee veil, a smoker with a guard as well as a hive tool and a starting right with bees book. The book will guide you on how you can best rear the bees.

2 of 5 – Bee Hive – Gold Standard Bee Hive Starter Kit

Bee Hive - Gold Standard Bee Hive Starter KitEver thought of starting beekeeping in the easiest way possible? Well, this starter kit is definitely a dream come true for you. Here’s what you get from it.

Included in the starter kit is easy to lift hive. This includes two 9-5/8″ deep 10-frame Langstroth hive supers and an additional 6-5/8 medium depth 10 frame supers.

Other than this, you get to have all the tools you’ll be needing for beekeeping.

It comes with a money back guarantee. One sure thing when it comes to the quality of the beekeeping starter kits is the money back guarantee.

If it’s got one, then it’s quality is definitely the best which is the case on this one. With this starter kit, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Other than the frames and the supers, you get one bottom board, top and bottom cover, plastic queen excluder, birdman entrance, set of ventilated leather gloves, Alexander-style veil and First Lesson in Beekeeping.

3 of 5 – Legacy DIY BeeHive Starter Kit

Legacy DIY BeeHive Starter KitWe’re halfway done with our reviews and we’re doing good so far. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be getting from the Legacy DIY BeeHive Starter kit, shall we?

First off, owing to the fact that you want to have the simplest and best beekeeping experience, this is what you should go for.

It comes preassembled which leaves you with only one task at hand- getting the best bees and start off with your beekeeping.

Included in the package is a telescoping top, an inner cover, a 10-frame hive body, a 10-wedge top divided bottom far frames, an I.P.M and a bottom board all of which are fully assembled.

Other than these, you also get to have 10 sheets of 9 1/8 crimp wire foundation, 40 foundation pins, and an entrance reducer.

The tools included in the starter kit include a large pair of plastic gloves for your utmost safety, a hatless veil, a hobbyist smoker with smoker fuel, a bee brush, a 10” hive tool and a plastic entrance feeder.


Included with the starter kit is beginner’s DVD as well as a beginner’s book- talk about having everything you need at your disposal

4 of 5 – Honeybee Headquarters Beekeeping Bee Hive Starter Kit

Honeybee Headquarters Beekeeping Bee Hive Starter KitThis is definitely the ultimate beginner starter kit. Here’s what it’s got in store for you.

It comes with a singled assembled bottom board and 2 deep brood boxes with 20 frames as well as plastic or beeswax foundation.

In addition to this, there is an unassembled 1 medium super that has got 10 frames along with it a well as a plastic or bees wax foundation.

There is also an entrance reducer included and a 2.5-gallon feeder that’s assembled.

The inner cover is a included as well and is assembled. There is also one telescoping outer cover with the aluminum top assembled.

As for the tools, the kit comes with one hive tool, a small and portable 4×7 smoker, a single bee brush that keeps things tidy as they should be, a quality bee jacket, a single veil as well as a single pair of cowhide gloves.

Utmost durability. The tools are made with maximum attention being paid to utmost durability.  The boxes, on the other hand, are made from top quality clear pine.


Wax is no longer included in the frames but it’s separately shipped. This is because some customers assume the risk of shipped beeswax.

5 of 5 – Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit – Premium Bee Hive

Deluxe Beehive Starter KitFinally, let’s take a look at the last one on our list- the Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit.

For starters, the hive is amazingly easy to lift considering the high-quality wood construction it is made from.

With this, you get 6-5/8-inch depth 8 frame Langstroth supers. This will provide quite a lot of space to accommodate all your bees.

As for the tools and other equipment, you get a bee veil and a pair of gloves to keep you safe all through, a smoker as well as smoking fuel, a hive tool that will come in handy when inspecting the hive.

Even though it comes unassembled, it requires very basic carpentry skills to put together and to make things even better, there is the First Lesson in Beekeeping book included.

Money back guarantees- it is always the best move to go for a product whose quality is verified. Taking into account that you get a money back guarantee with this kit, you will have your money back if its defective.

Tips for Getting Started in Beekeeping

Final Verdict

Summing up, it can be agreed upon that the secret to getting the best beekeeping starter kit lies in the details. If you want the best, then you should be patient in looking for one.

Ensure that it’s got all the necessary tools and you’re set to go. Also, do take quality into account.

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