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Best Catchers Bag 2019: Complete Buying Guides

Choosing the best catchers bag may not be an easy thing to seine people, especially the players that are in Little League.

You need to look for a sizeable bag that can accommodate everything you need for the game with ease, including your gloves, baseball bats, mitts, helmets as well as a bucket full of balls.

Most rookie baseball and softball players usually forget the importance of the catchers bag. Some of them think that they can carry their stuff using just any bag.

The good thing with a catchers bag is that it will not only allow you to carry all of your equipment into the field and dugout easily, but it will also allow you to remain organized.

There are seine catchers bags that have compartments to allow you to know where to put your respective equipment so as to have an easy time locating them when you the time to use them comes.

How to choose a catchers bag

Every game involves carrying customized gears for playtime. Specific game bags help you stay organized around your equipment while ensuring every item is safe from wear and tear.

Therefore, what should you look out for when choosing a bag to carry baseball gear? What will give you the most satisfaction service?

Does size really matter?

A baseball player usually carries many gears back and forth games. Equipment alone covers 64% of the body, which means that a bag would have to move at least half of your body size.

Size limits the level to which a player gets to arrange his/her gear as well as some gears. Equipment such as bats and leg guards are usually long thus an elongated bag would provide sufficient room space.

Chest protector, on the other hand, is extensive, though at times can be broken down, and requires a purse as full as half the chest length.

How do you intend to carry it around?

The average weight of a full catchers bag is about 20 kilograms. Besides carrying it by hand, you can carry it like a normal backpack or even better, use the shoulder strap.

When it comes to either, here’s what you should have in mind:

A handheld strap would require the belt to be both rigid and sturdy. A backpack bag, on the other hand, would need extra relaxation cloth to protect the shoulder from bruises and the same goes for the shoulder strap.

At the end of the day, the body physique status is what’s important to players, that is why designing bags with different types of straps to protect players from injury.

Do you prefer a smooth material construction?

Without any doubt, material choice determines which is the most durable catchers bag on the market hence determining the best catchers bag as well.

Probably the most robust decision to make during design, materials used proved the external strength required to hold all your gears in the pocket. A smooth material usually looks kind of weak whereas a more robust one is stronger.

Durability is a priority requirement of a good catcher’s bag. The material used determines how long a packet can serve. Stronger materials will go long without signs of wear or tear giving you more confidence.


Though most users overlook the significance of a zipper, they help provide access to almost all bag compartments and simultaneously keep everything inside intact. Good zippers will go for long without showing any signs of strain.


Zippers also have a direct relationship to available space volumes. Thus, a good zipper design will give the ultimate volume size to a bag.

A right zipper should also be smooth enough to allow easy access to what’s inside your bag and at the same time won’t succumb to damage easily.

The wheels

Since the introduction of travel bags, wheels on bags have made it easier to tag heavy bags along without breaking a sweat.

If you’ll be carrying a lot of heavy gear, then you should strive to look for a bag with wheels that will withstand wear and tear for as long as possible

Sturdy wheels will last seasons on rough road surfaces without screaming for alarm. A larger wheelbase will also provide a smoother bag pull thus contributing to comfort.

Unknown to most, larger wheelbase will even let you drag your bag on flat surfaces such as the field allowing you store that extra energy to make runs during the game or practice.


Before you walk into the field, you might be listening to music on your headphones. The headphones or sunglasses cannot fit into the same chamber as your shoes or your bats.

Some compartments help provide specific room for multiple items. On the other hand, some compartments are only meant for specific items.

Design of compartments is the key distinguishing factor. It would be unwise to keep your training shoes in the same kind of space as your helmet. Pumps require aeration, and mesh-like bottom compartments can provide that.

Ground clearance, color and game specialization such as a coach or umpires are some of the other factors one looks at for preference.

The Benefits of a catcher’s bag (player view)

It makes it easier to move your gear around

Catcher’s bag helps a player carry his/her gear from the parking lot to the training ground at ease. Other than the strapped catchers bags or the hand-carried ones, the wheeled ones make things much easier too

When it comes to mobility, the best catchers bag should be both comfortable and easy to move around with.

You’ll know what goes where.

As compared to having your gear all in a mess, organized items make it easy for retrieval.

Here’s why…

Most catchers bags have got specialized compartments each of which is meant to carry something specific. Rather than just loading all your stuff in the bag, having them sorted out is a much better option. Gears such as helmet attached externally making it easy to grab, wear and play when needed.

Utmost safety

The longer your gear lasts, the better off you are…

Compartment bags make it almost impossible to compromise the safety of your luggage. This happens because gears are in the safest location for transportation.

The center, for example, is the place for bats in hand catcher’s bag. This helps provide a rigid strength and balance for the bag while protecting them against bumps and leg bumps.

Keeps your electronic devices safe

Ever wondered how you could keep your mobile phone among other electronics safe? Well, a catchers bag ought to do the trick.

The best catchers bag will normally come with waterproof pockets included. These pockets help secure devices from climatic changes such as rain keeping the player focused on the game.

As compared to a locker, a catchers bag is way more convenient, isn’t it?

The most comfortable way to carry your stuff around

Best wheeled catchers bag has been known to provide ground clearance from creators such as Easton. This is a feature not available in regular packs. This will help protect gears from surface water especially when away from home.

There’s room for more than just your gaming kit

The most prominent advantage that surpasses all is the fact that by just carrying one bag a player brings it all.

This kit can be more than enough at times providing room for those extra shirts that you need after a game to groom differently. This bag separates the sweaty clothes and gears from the dry ones while keeping great aeration.

Top baseball catchers bag Brand (Top 5 brands)

As far as quality is concerned, most players greatly uphold the brand that their gear bears. That being said, here are some of the most reputed brands that’ll give you a kick for your buck…

  1. Easton

This brand had a different business purpose at first. It joined baseball franchise business in 1969 making innovations throughout its operation. A famous brand among both fans and players some as the industry leader consider it.

  • Combat

Started in 1994 to become a leading developer. Combat is responsible for many innovative products under baseball such as polymer bats that help raise ball exit speed.

  • Louisville Slugger

Registered in 1894 is a company that began with a 17-year-old baseball enthusiast. The first bat made a record three hit in its debut causing attention from professional players. This led to Louis specializing in baseball bats and later baseball gears.

  • DeMarini

Based in Oregon since 1989. It switched hands in 2000 to Wilson Sporting goods. This brand is famous for introducing double walls on baseball bats and the resulting power from the walls.

Unique strategies have seen the use of DeMarini products in some of the universities and college competitions such as the College World Series.

  • Mizuno

A Japanese company that started in 1906 deals in sportswear for almost 60% of athletic games. Started by Riharchi Mizuno baseball gears were the first line of products with sales kicking in in 1907. Success has been majorly based on quality strategies such as sponsorships from some of the most prominent personalities.


Moving on to the main agenda, it’s time to take a look at what the 7 of the best in 2019 pack under the hood.

Here’s what you’ll be getting…

Easton E900C wheeled Equipment bag

Players say a bag’s value based on the size it provides. Easton went ahead and designed a bag with such a large capacity you could fit all your gears and left with space to spare.

Easton E900 comes with massive zippers, bottom wheels incorporating fence hooks and lined pockets. The heavy-duty bag can hold gloves helmets chest protector and water bottle from your home to training and back without raising the alarm on gear security.

The large zippers give it the instinct to perform even when under pressure from loading especially on long trips. The bag features removable pockets to provide more significant specialized spaces. This is done for easy packing and unpacking.

The bags come in different colors such as black and grey.

Louisville Slugger EB series 7 Rig Baseball Equipment Bags

Built with modern technology, Louisville Slugger EB series 7 features high heel chassis providing excellent ground clearance that protects against wet surfaces. Safeguard your gears and bag material is ultimately catered for leaving you feeling safe.

With the vast storage space inclusive of a gear hammock, one can pack up to four bats alongside body armor. Made with a look for posters this catcher’s bag is both portable and highly customizable to fit almost all things you could carry including winter storages.

Detail to parts such as straps and handles have led to meticulous features such as rubber handles and wider straps. This will help a player keep hands flexible and much more comfortable to travel quite a distance without strain from the bag.

Airflow compartment avail mess-like floor to allow maximum circulation of air keeping gears and accessories fresh away from purge smell.

DeMarini Grind Wheeled Bag

This catcher’s bag features nothing short of what you want. With large main compartments and padded bat sleeves, you could pretty much carry anything. Ventilated show space allow for long travels even with gaming shoes.

A 3″ wheel makes sure you can tag your bag even on bumpy roads and fast enough to get there in time. The impressive #10 zipper will let you place anything in the main compartment without much an issue.

Individual pockets inside let you keep your most priced of possession safe and away from damage by heavy baseball equipment. The bottom rails are made of first plastic polymers ensuring the strength of the bag cannot be compromised while helping to maintain pull when dragging the bag by its wheels.

Mizuno Samurai Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

Mizuno states it is an excellent bag, want to know why? Mizuno Samurai Wheeled Catcher’s Bag made of synthetic compounds comes with big compartment designed in a way that all types of baseball gear can fit in this space.

A provided molded glove compartment offers exclusive care for the head mitt. The bag features side pockets that can be used to carry the water bottle, training clothes even car keys to make it easy and fastest way to both pack and unpacks everything on the bag.

Mizuno added off-road wheels on Samurai Wheeled Catcher’s bag to give it maneuverability and toughness it requires out on the field.

Still can’t find one that feels right? The next 3 should feel different

Tanel 360 R.A.G.E Baseball/ softball wheel bag

This is a handheld catcher’s bag inclusive off pockets for personalization giving a player one of a unique personal touche.  Made of cleat cage compartments for the shoe it is possible to store away clean and used up wear away from the pure and delicate gears.

This bag features a rubber handle made precisely for comfortability through any height of drag. Removable divider with heavy duty Velcro, glove pouch, small Velcro pouch is some of the compartments built for specific storing duties such as wallets and phones.

Mesh interior all size pockets, lockable zippers all work towards maintaining preference towards quality catcher’s bag.

Combat Derby Pro Event Wheeled Bag

Definitely one of the best catcher’s bags that includes transformation pack. This kit can be used as a handheld bag and a backpack. Featuring temporary attachment neoprene straps for conversion supports this possibility causing players with both types of transportation to opt for this model.

Built with the physical strength to allow washing of shoe compartments with no decrement in quality of the overall bag. This gives you the off-field confidence after lousy weather training days. Fence claws allow for an external attachment of gears increasing total space infinitely.

Anything about the compartment you ask? Yes, the compartment comes with both an easy to clean cleat and aerated space capabilities. The bag is one of a kind featuring the use of durable polyesters that lead to longer uses and maximum gear protection.

The brand offers its customers 90 days showing how big their confidence lies in this catcher’s bag.

Easton E500W Wheeled Bag

A bag with all targets in support of versatility, rubberized tag handles, and fence hook are some of the identifiable best bag traits. Vented pockets help keep a fresh odor allowing even for the moistest gears to dry up and stay hygienic.

Bottom chassis helps prevent critical strength from wearing out while maintaining the high outlook that Easton so earnestly designs for its customers. For a brand well known for its innovations, a removable show panel can be included making it luring for baseball players and personnel.

Removable pockets though not unique help add tags to your bag making it easy for identification. Made of polyester compounds this kit is extremely light letting you preserve energy for the training and games.

How To Care for Your Catchers Bag

Buying the best catchers equipment bag is not enough. You need to make sure that the bag is properly maintained if you want it to last. The following are tips on how to care for your catchers bag.

1. Keep The Bag Away From Water

Even if the catchers bag that you will buy is waterproof, it does not mean that you should not allow it to come into contact with water anyhow. If you want the bag to last, you should keep it away from water.

2. Clean The Bag Regularly

There are some people who forget about cleaning their catchers bags altogether. Giving the bag a good cleaning regularly will help prolong its life and also make it look great.

3. Do Not Pull The Bag On Rough Terrain (If It Has Wheels)

If you buy a catchers bag that has wheels, you will not pull only on tarmac roads or smooth pads. If you pull the bag on rough terrain, the wheels may come off.

4. Do Not Overload The Bag

Overloading the bag will be the easiest way to shorten its life. Make sure that you only carry enough stuff that the bag can accommodate if you want it to last.


From our review of the top 7 products, you may possibly be spoilt for choice. The good news is that either of these will, under no circumstance disappoint you.

From both our product review and product list, it’s clear that we’ve all got our different tastes and preferences. A bag with mesh-like shoe compartment, for instance, differs from that with aerated shoe compartment.

The best way to choose a catcher’s bag that cannot fail your purposes ordering one with large specialized compartments and customizable parts based on what suits you best.

Above all else, you should focus on taking your time before putting your money on the line if you want the biggest bang for your buck.

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