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As far as getting the best honey is concerned, what makes most people go for the honey is the fact that it is incredibly sweet. As much as this is true, it is also what makes most people go for products that are of inferior quality.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just get the best?

Well, with to us, you won’t have to worry about any chance of you falling for substandard honey as is the case in most websites selling honey on the internet. What we simply give you is all the nutritional, aesthetic and medicinal values of honey in a simple container.

So as to verify the validity of us having the quality honey, we’d like to enlighten you on most of the important things you should know about honey as well as some of the best picks of 2018. Have a look at our honey reviews.

Well, sit back and relax because I’m bringing the noise…

Our Best Picks Of 2018….

To save you the hassle of reading all through our article, please do have a quick look of our best picks.

A Guide to Buying Honey !!

First and foremost, if we’ll be talking about honey, let’s see how you can get the best.

honey buying guides

  • Have a look at the label

This is simply one of the most important things you should look into before you get that jar of honey you are craving.

As much as it may be recommended to you as the sweetest and has got the look and gooey feel of honey, the surprising thing is that most of the honey jar you’ll get in supermarkets or online is actually high fructose corn syrup.

Simply have a look at the label, this will spell things out for you when it comes to getting the top rated honey.

  • Consider purchasing local honey

Considering that reports of honey being contaminated with corn syrup are quite rampant of late, you should be more careful when making your purchases.

As much as you may be purchasing your honey online, consider going for the one that comes from a local vendor. This is highly recommended since this way, you will be certain that the honey is actually coming from actual bees and isn’t contaminated in any way.

  • Shopping on the internet

Nowadays, considering that this is the option that most people will naturally go for, it is important that you get everything right.

Considering that most vendors will state that their honey is one hundred percent natural, you should go ahead and have a look at the label. This should indicate that it has been heated to temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48 degrees Celsius.

Check the label to verify the honey is completely raw and it is also best that the honey has a money back guarantee just in case you are dissatisfied- this may just be the best honey for you.

  • It should bear a health warning

For honey as well, like most products given to us by mother nature, some people could be allergic to natural honey.

Taking this into account, the vendors of the honey should include a warning label on the packaging. This is quite an easy way of telling apart what’s legit and what’s not since if it weren’t natural, then it would probably be corn syrup or rid of most of its nutrients.

  • Only go for the pesticide-free honey

What’s the manufacturer’s take on pesticides?

For raw honey what is recommended by health professionals is that you only go for that which is pesticide free. The test for pesticides is normally carried out by independent labs.

This basically means that the honey you’ll be having was extracted from flowers that didn’t have any pesticides used on them.

Bees, however, are just bees and cannot tell the difference hence pesticide-free honey is normally from the really remote areas which are what you ought to go for.

2018’s Best Honey In The World.

With the knowledge of getting the best as well as some of the key uses of honey and different categories of honey, let’s now have a look at some of the best picks of 2018.

1 of 9 – Attiki Greek Honey 16 Oz Jar

Attiki Greek Honey 16 Oz JarIf you are looking for a flavor like no other when it comes to honey, be sure to have a taste from this jar. Here’s what you’ll be getting from each pint of the honey.

Ask anyone who’s had a taste of the Attiki Greek honey and they’ll definitely verify that this is one of the sweetest you could possibly get. It’s all about giving you the best- each jar of honey you get from Attiki is processed from carefully selected hives.

As for durability, you can use it for more than a year and have it still taste as good as it did the first time you bought it.

So as to add on to the sweetness of the honey, it comes aromatic and flavored. This therefore does not give you the cliché sweet and sugary taste of honey but its far much more and better.

As far as its application is concerned, this just so happens to be one of the stickiest and possibly thickest jars of honey you could get for your money. Whether you’ll be taking spoon-full or applying on bread or anything else, it’s just as good.

2 of 9 – Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey

Manuka Doctor Bio Active HoneyBoasting to have its heritage in New Zealand, Manuka honey just so happens to be almost flawless when it comes to its natural medicinal properties as compared to honey you’ll get from other flowers.

Speaking of medication, Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey will definitely cater for most of your needs. First of all, so as to ensure that you get the most out of every jar, the honey is independently tested.

The bio active rating relates to the total activity that is comprised predominantly of peroxide activity.

With anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities, each jar of honey will leave you craving for more- you definitely do deserve the best.

In addition to being an outstanding natural anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory product, you can also use the honey in beverages.

Besides using it as a sweetener substitute, you can simply dissolve a spoonful in your mouth so as to receive the full benefits of the honey.

In addition to being a sweetener for your meals and having natural medical properties, it also does happen to have the added benefit of having ample energy.

3 of 9 – GloryBee Organic Raw Clover Honey

GloryBee Organic Raw Clover HoneyAs far as quality is concerned, GloryBee definitely has got you covered. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what it packs under the hood

Outstanding taste- above all else, it just isn’t right if the honey you’re taking does not have that native, rich, sweet taste of honey.

Owing to the fact that this is clover honey, it’s in just one of the best possible qualities you can get if you’re into liquid honey.

So as to ensure that you get a hold of all the nutrients, minimal filtration is employed when it comes to the packing of the honey.

Taking this into account, most of the pollen, propolis, and enzymes from its natural state are retained hence you get to experience the sweet taste and more.

Something else worth pointing out…

If you need the honey in its liquid state, you can simply heat it up in a warm water bath and you’re good to go. You can then spread it over bread, mix it with warm water among other things for your utmost convenience.

4 of 9 – Really Raw Honey, Totally Unprocessed

Really Raw Honey, Totally UnprocessedComing 4th on our list is really raw honey. If you are looking for something whose craving can never be satisfied and at the same time you get to keep your health in check- this one’s definitely it.

Utmost safety.

Above all else, it is important that whatever you are taking into your body be as clean and harm-free as possible.

Taking this into account, all the honey that you’ll be taking in is entirely pesticide free. With this being verified, Really Raw turns out to be one of the best quality.

Speaking of quality, something else that’s worth pointing out about this jar of honey is that it is neither heated nor strained.

Upon being processed in this way, all the pollen, propolis, vitamins, enzymes as well as trace minerals all of which are essential for good health.

Ease of use.

As much as it is of creamy texture, you can easily be able to spread it over bread or just heat it a little bit if you want to use it in any other application- be sure to check it out.

5 of 9 – Comvita Certified UMF 5+ (Authentic) Manuka Honey

Comvita Certified Manuka HoneyWe’re already past halfway on our list and we’re doing good so far. Coming up 6th is one of the best jars of Manuka honey you could get for your money.

The jar will definitely give you a whole new experience; it indeed does come straight from the Manuka flower itself; let’s see what it’s got

As for verification of validity, the Manuka honey is UMF certified. This simply means that every batch of the honey is independently tested by the UMF association which in shot verifies the signature compounds (Leptospira, MGO, and DHA) that are found in genuine Manuka honey.

It’s not every day that you get a sweet tasting medication…

Boasting to be one of the best for medication, this jar of Manuka just so happens to be a natural remedy for a cough and sore throats not to mention weight loss. Just before an intense workout, take a spoonful of this and you’ll get enough energy to take you through the whole session.

Something else that’s worth taking note of is that Manuka honey is one of the few natural products with anti-bacterial properties for treating both wounds and burns.

6 of 9 – YS Eco Bee Farms RAW HONEY

YS Eco Bee Farms RAW HONEYOne thing that’s definitely for sure is that it’s not every day that you get to have raw honey on your plate. Taking this into account, this US Grade A Raw Honey is processed to give you just the perfect taste as you deserve.

First and foremost, it is pure, unpasteurized and unfiltered. This, in a nutshell, means that the honey has got all the pollen and enzymes preserved as it is being processed for human consumption.

You simply don’t have to worry about forceful processing if you’re thinking of getting a jar of this.

As far as your health is concerned, the honey does is harvested from bees in diverse eco-friendly regions hence the chances of it being contaminated with pesticides is minimal to none.

Something else worth mentioning…

So as to give it to you in the most natural and convenient way possible, the honey is creamy. The best part about it or rather the fact that makes it unique is that it gets its taste and appearance from the natural crystallization process.

7 of 9 – Gunter Cream Honey, 16 oz

Gunter Cream Honey, 16 OzLooking for something that’s going to blow your mind? Well, then Gunter Cream Honey might just be it. Well, let’s have a look at what lies within the 16 oz. jar, shall we?

First of all, it is one of the closest forms of getting raw honey considering that you’ll be making your purchase online. Owing to the fact that it undergoes natural crystallization to be the way it is, most of the nutrients are preserved hence you get the most out of it.

If you want to use it on almost anything, well, you can use this on almost anything be it apple dipping or spreading on your bread. Provided that you have the honey at room temperature, it will spread smoothly.


As much as the nutrients count a lot, this jar of honey bears that sweet, natural and native taste anyone would like to have on their tongue every time they taste it.

Speaking of the taste, something else that’s worth pointing out is that this one just so happens to be one of the few clover honey jars you’ll get on the market- indeed worth every dime spent on!

8 of 9 – Kiva Certified UMF 20+ – Raw Manuka Honey

Kiva Certified UMF 20+ - Raw Manuka HoneyComing up second last on our list is the Kiva Certified UMF 20+. Well, just like any other product, honey too has got its ratings.

0-10 is basically ordinary honey, 10-16 is fairly better and anything above 20 just as is the case in this jar of best honey will definitely blow your mind.

As it is expected, every pint of honey from this jar traces its heritage from the remote and pristine hills, forests and coastal areas of New Zealand.

This being established, this jar is guaranteed to give you a whole new experience when it comes to natural medicine.

Speaking of natural medication properties, you’ll get quite a lot from this 8.8 oz. jar. Form basically suppressing sore throats and colds to hastening the healing of wounds and burns, it indeed is worth the 20+ UMF rating.

Something else that’s worth pointing out about the Kiva Certified UMF 20+ Manuka honey is that besides having medical properties, it also serves as an outstanding energy source. This deems it eligible for any energy consuming activities such as an intense workout session.

9 of 9 – Steens Manuka Honey UMF 15 (MGO 514)

Steens Manuka Honey UMF 15Coming up last on our list is the Steens Manuka Honey. Well, as it is expected, Manuka will never disappoint you as a natural medication.

Let’s see what it’s got for us, shall we?

Considering that the odds of you falling for spam content on the internet are high, included with the jar is a code that allows you to know where your honey was collected.

Think of it as home to hive traceability hence the odds of you being scammed are zero.

The benefits from every jar are innumerable. It does support the digestive system, respiratory health, it does accelerate wound healing as well as ulcer healing and much more.

As for the nutrients, the filtration system undertaken on the honey ensures that vitamin B, as well as amino acids, are maintained which in a nutshell ensures that your health is in optimum level.


The Steens Manuka Honey serves as a natural source of energy. If you’re an athlete or generally love to work out, this jar will serve you just right.

Categories Of  Honey: 5 Types

Having in mind what you should have in mind when shopping for honey, let’s have a look at some of the categories of honey there are.

  • Comb Honey

comb honeyOtherwise known as honeycomb, comb honey is directly derived by the bees and stored by them as well. This is also the ultimate raw honey.

This is hard to come by in most cases but it definitely is the best. It is contained in hexagonal shapes and is in a natural way as it was constructed by the bees.

  • Chunk honey

chunk honey.Chunk honey is normally made by taking a portion of comb honey directly from the beehives. The chunk is then placed in a jar after which strained or rather liquid honey is then poured over it.

Though it does not contain as many nutrients as is the case in creamed and combed honey, it’s quite healthy.

  • Liquid honey

​Liquid honeyFor ultimate convenience, this is probably what you should go for since it can be used in almost any application that requires honey as an ingredient.

So as to come up with liquid honey, a centrifugal force aids in removing the honey out of the hexagonal cells they are contained in within the honeycomb.

  • Creamed honey

​Creamed honeyIf you can’t get your hands on comb honey, creamed honey is an alternative you should go for. This is normally 100% pure and it depends on the natural crystallization process of honey.

It contains small crystals that make it appear silky. The interlocking nature of the crystals then gives it a spreadable, smooth and thick texture.

  • Dried honey

​Dried honeySimply put, dried honey is liquid honey that has all the moisture within it eliminated and is also known as powdered or granulated honey.

The application of dried honey is quite vast. It can be used in the baking of bread or you can also add the grains to the composition of sugar for an even better flavor in your tea.

How Do Bees Make Honey?

Overall Benefits Of Honey !!

  • Aids weight loss

As much as most of us may be going for honey because of its sweet taste, it just so happens to be one of the best when it comes to weight loss programs.

If you drink lukewarm water mixed with lime every morning, the metabolism process is boosted hence more fat is burnt during exercise.

In a nutshell, honey accelerates the process of weight loss and at the same time aids in burning excess body fat

  • Medicine for a cough

Besides being a natural solution to deal with weight loss, mixing honey with lime water then heating it a little bit has been proven to be one of the few natural and most effective ways of dealing with a sore throat.

The best part about this is that this has been recognized by the World Health Organization as being effective.

As a matter of fact, it does help you recover from a cold quickly as well as compared to some medical prescriptions

  • Boosts energy

From its sweet and rather irresistible taste, you can tell that one of the major components in honey is glucose which we all know is rich in energy.

This directly absorbed into your bloodstream within the mouth. Other than glucose, another component of honey that makes it one of the best for boosting your energy is fructose.

Fructose, on the contrary, is slowly absorbed hence giving sustained energy levels.

  • Provides shine to your hair

Besides its nutritional value, another benefit of honey is its aesthetic value- it does provide shine to your hair. Naturally, honey attracts moisture which will keep your hair moist.

In addition to this, the sweet nectar that is contained in honey has got both nutrients and antioxidants which will keep your hair healthy.

Besides repairing split ends on your hair, you can also use honey to make your hair smooth, shiny and soft. Right after shampooing, you should mix some honey with olive then apply on your hair.

  • Hydrates skin

With the dawn of winter, we normally have to think of a way via which we can deal with dry skin most effectively. Well, honey just so happens to be one of the few natural products you can use for this.

For the best results, you should mix honey with olive oil and some crushed almond oil and/or rose oil and then go ahead and store it in a container. Each day, after taking a bath, you should apply all over wet skin to get your desired results.

  • Acts as a facial scrub

One more aesthetic use for honey is that it can be used as a facial scrub. In order to do this, get 3-4 tablespoons of honey then mix it thoroughly with some olive oil.

Go ahead and add a few crushed almonds to it.

Having done so, apply carefully all over your face. Scrub this for some time then wash off with cold water. Simply do this twice a week and you’ll add an incredible glow to your skin.

Final Verdict

Having read through our honey reviews and buying guide, one thing that’s definitely clear is that there is way more to honey than we just know.

Whether you need it for aesthetic purposes, health or simply nutritional purposes, that small jar just so happens to have all this and what makes it better is that it is natural.

Based on how much you need it, you should always ensure that you double check the container and ensure that you are not being scammed- only pay for it if it is actual honey.

All in all, all the best in getting the most out of honey.

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