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Best Speed Cube

Are you just starting off with speed cubing? Are you tired of the traditional Rubik’s cube? Would you like to get away smoother and faster experience in motion? Well, getting not just any speed cube but the best should be your top priority.

“How can I get the best while am just starting off?” You may wonder. Well, this is your lucky day my friend!

As much as many sellers may be claiming to give you the best, this is not always the case. Just like any other product, the tiniest details do matter even in the best speed cubes review. After all, detail is what sets apart the best from the rest.

Unlike the traditional Rubik’s cube, selecting the quality speed cube may not be as simple as these come in a number of varieties.

Let me let you in on a little secret of mine, maybe you don’t have the best because you’ve been looking at it all wrong.

Have a quick look at our top choices

Though we recommend that you check out the rest, you can go straight ahead have a quick look at our recommended speed cubes.

How to only get the top quality speed cube.

## Check on durability

Though you may not notice this as fast, some cubes have got stickers on them which with time tend to peel off. To try to fix this, some manufacturers have used paint instead which, as you would expect fades off even if it’s on a plastic surface.

Here’s the best solution yet so far:

The speed cubes today, however, have an entirely plastic and the colors are not painted on them which means that there’ll be no peeling, fading or chipping.

This simply means that you’ll get to use the cube longer than you would have than when going for the alternative and obviously cheaper options. Quality definitely does matter.

## The smoothest motion is always the best.

The main point of getting a speed cube, as the name suggests is to get to solve it faster hence you should have a smooth motion.

Here is why: 

The Rubik’s cube is able to turn in all directions and the same should be expected from the speed cubes. However, since speed cubes are an upgrade to the Rubik’s, they should be much faster. The first area to look at is the spherical core.

The spherical core design should be in such a way that there is minimal friction between the internal moving parts.

Speed should however not be confused with simplicity. The probability of solving the two provided that they are both 3 x3 cubes is the same.

## Get the perfect tension on your cube.

Tensioning is another area of concern. This is where you get to alter the force of the springs which in turn will make the cube either looser or tighter.

Though manufacturers will have a standard tension for all the cubes they manufacture, it doesn’t mean that the same will be the best for you.

Each of the middle tiles is removable by a flathead screwdriver under which you will find a screw head. You can then adjust the tensions as per your preference. This should be done equally for all the 6 tiles.

## Corner cutting and twisting shouldn’t be a problem.

Definitely one of the things that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is simply the ability to make a turn while the vertical face is not completely aligned. For the fastest turns, it would be best if you avoid a lockup when turning the cube.

When a corner piece ends up getting twisted around itself, the cube ends up being unsolvable unless you twist it back. With any popular cube, this should not occur whatsoever. Though they are more expensive, cubes today come with outstanding corner cutting and speed.

## Ensure there’s no lockup resistance whatsoever and check on the weight.

This is the ability of the cube to resist a lockup during a messy or a very hasty sequence of motion. Corner cutting turns out to be a special case of lockup resistance. Nevertheless, as it turns out, the best lock-up resistant cube should have cut corners and vice versa.

Though this isn’t always a determining factor, lighter cubes are not always the best as most people assume. The weight that feels a little bit heavy to you may turn out to be the comfortable weight for someone else. This is an entirely personal preference and you should go for what suits you best.

Top 10 best speed cube 2018

1 of 10 – Qiyun Boys 2×2 Stickerless Speed Cube 50mm

Qiyun Boys 2x2 Stickerless Speed CubeTo start us off with 2018’s #1 rated speed cubes, we’ve got the Qiyun Boys 2×2 cube.

Well, from its name, the size is straightforward as well which makes it the ideal toy for your kid. This is however the out-of-the-ordinary type of cube because:

For starters, don’t expect any lock ups from this cube. Considering it’s going to be used mostly by your kid, then the cube’s definitely going to have a rough time as you would expect.

The movement is smooth and you won’t have to lubricate it very often though to avoid wear and tear, you ought to do this often.

One of the things that you’ll probably check on either a Rubik’s cube or a speed cube is for how long the colors will remain in place. Each of the eight cubes are colored plastic pieces which eliminate any chances of either peeling off as will be the case in stickers or fading off.

Don’t expect any hassle when it comes to adjusting the tension on this cube. Of course, the tension you’ll be comfortable with won’t similar to what your 11-year-old will be comfortable with. Taking this into account, Qiyun Boys 2×2 can easily be adjusted to fit your kid’s preference.

2 of 10 – D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2×2 Speed Cube

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 2x2 Speed CubeWhere’s the fun in having the cube if stability is not at its best? Even the smallest detail does count and here is why:

Corner cutting on the D-FantiX Cyclone is nothing other than the best which eliminates any lock-ups when twisting. This is even made better by the pre-lubricated and perfectly tensioned core for faster and smoother twists.

As for the design, it’s neither sticker nor paint. With the eco-friendly ABS material, there’ll be no fading, peeling or even cheating. The whole point of the cube is to give you a challenge, isn’t it?

Antipop& completely solid structure. The anti-pop technology means that the cube will be completely intact the whole time you’ll be handling it. Moreover, each turn will be faster and backed up with precise corner cutting, the just turns out to be the ideal choice for optimal performance.

Quite light. Owing to the fact that it is meant for both kids and adults, it comes weighing only 78g. This will be quite light to handle. As for the dimensions, it’s 50x50x50mm hence it fits comfortably in the user’s hands.

Why should you get it? think of it as a way to exercise mentally. It definitely improves your IQ, keeps your mind sharp, gives you better cognitive skills, concentration and boosts your hand-eye coordination.

3 of 10 – V-Cube Pillowed 2 Cube Toy

V-Cube Pillowed 2 Cube ToyIf puzzles are your thing and would like to try out the speed cubes for the first time, then this would be an ideal first choice. Coming up third is the V-Cube Pillowed 2 Cube Toy…

Being the smallest member of the V-cube 2, it’s only 2.2×2.2×2.2 inches which make it have the lowest difficulty level of 1 on a scale of 1 to 5.

The best brain teaser for anyone aged 3 and up. You need to keep your mind sharp at all times. With over 3.7 million permutations and only one possible solution, it ought to give you a challenge regardless your age.

No one wants and definitely, no one will enjoy it if it’s too heavy. Besides having small dimensions, it weighs only 74g. This, backed up with the small dimensions, should be comfortable to hold in your hand without any hassle.

Utmost precision in the design:

Though we would expect a speed cube to have right-angled edges, wouldn’t it be better if they were rounded? Not only will this be easier for your kid to handle but it will also fit perfectly in your palm.

The cube turns smoothly around the core as is expected from an ideal speed cube. The tension is perfect and you won’t have to worry about it getting stuck while you use it.

4 of 10 – D-FantiX Gan 356 Air Master 3×3 Speed Cube

D-FantiX Gan 356 Air MasterIt’s quite hard to believe that if it were not for the GAN nut, the precise spring and the spring cap, the GAN elastic system would not be as awesome and unique as it is.

Here’s what makes it the perfect choice:

Being the first 3 x 3 cube that does not involve the use of a metal gasket (which is the part with the worst accuracy on a cube), it perfects your solving experiences.

Solid stickers. Probably the most important thing you could get from a speed cube since if the colors would peel off, then there’ll be nothing to solve at all. Unless you try to force them off, these stickers will stay quite a long time.

Tension adjustable. Wouldn’t it be annoying if the cube were either too loose or too tight and not adjustable at all? To cover for this, the Cube’s tension is adjustable and more so, the corner cutting is great which makes it fault tolerant.

If you are looking for the ultimate speed cube that’s going to be good for everyone, then this is your choice. Provided it’s being used for anyone over 3 years, you can boost your prowess in solving it for better memory. You definitely don’t want our kids to check on it, do we?

5 of 10 – MoYuAoLong V2 3x3x3 Speed Cube Enhanced Edition

MoYuAoLong V2 3x3x3 Speed CubeWe’re now halfway through with our top 10 list of the best. If you used its predecessor, the Moyu Along, then you’re definitely going to enjoy this upgrade.

One of the things that have been checked and taken care of in this cube is corner twisting. With this out of the way, you’ll have a smoother and faster experience.

Doesn’t pop whatsoever. Though it seems to be a problem in other brands, you’ll it will take some effort to pop this cube even forcibly. Unless you lube it too much and adjust the tension, the cube will remain just as you bought it.

Wouldn’t it be a pain if you couldn’t use it comfortably? With the 57 x 57 x 57 mm dimensions (which is also the standard for a Rubik’s cube), this will comfortably be able to fit in your palm without any hassle. As for the weight, 5.6 ounces definitely will not be too heavy for you.

Durable. When we talk about durability on a speed cube, one of the things we have in mind is how long the colors will be in place. Though this Cube’s got stickers instead of tiles, you’d have to be really fast for them to peel off or fade whatsoever. Definitely the best speed cube for your money.

6 of 10 – MoYuAosu New Structure Speed Cube

MoYuAosu New Structure Speed CubeNeed an even bigger challenge? Then you should consider having a look at this 4 x 4 MoyuAosu speed cube. It’s know to give even the expert puzzlers a run for their money…

For a 4×4 cube, it is surprisingly smooth to handle. As is expected to form a smooth cube, it has the best corner cutting.

In addition to this, you won’t have to worry about any lock ups. Upon turning each of the faces, no matter how frequently, you’ll always have the smoothest experience.

Measuring 2.46 x 2.46 x 2.46 and weighing only 1.6 ounces, it won’t be a hassle to hold it in your palm. Another outstanding feature about this cube is that it won’t pop whatsoever. This adds to its durability as well.

Adjustable. You don’t have to always use the tension it comes with out of the box. You can either loosen or tighten the cube as per your preference.


Though it’s got stickers instead of tiles on it, don’t expect it to perform any less good. This turns out to be quite a durable cube no matter how often you use it. this, however, doesn’t mean that you should mishandle it.

7 of 10 – UROPHYLLA Speed Magic Cube 4x4x4 Speed Cube

UROPHYLLA Speed Magic CubeAs it turns out, the stock tension on a speed cube will not always be the best for everyone who buys the cube. Taking this into account, you can adjust the cube simply by taking off a tile on all the six sides and adjusting the tension.

Ideal for both beginner puzzlers and the experts. Don’t be intimidated if someone else knows their way around a speed cube.

We all do start somewhere and it takes time to master algorithms to come up with the solution. Whether you want to get your kid one or want it for yourself, it’s a perfect choice.

Looking for the most comfortable, be sure to try this one out. The tiles are smooth and in addition to this, it is abrasion resistance. it goes without saying that with the ABS material used in its construction, it’s totally toxin-free while in use.

With really great corner cutting and almost zero lock ups, it turns out to be something worth spending your money on. Each turn will be as smooth as the one you felt after unboxing it and you’ll hardly have to lube it at all. Be sure to check it out- definitely the great speed cube for anyone.

8 of 10 – D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 5×5 Speed Cube

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 5x5 Speed CubeWe’re doing great so far and we’re almost done looking at 2017’s best picks. Check out this 5 x 5 cube for an even greater challenge:

If you’re in for a challenge, then this ought to give you more than that. Being the first 5 x 5-speed cube to ever hit the market, why not beat your own record time?

As compared to other 5 x 5 speed cubes, this one’s more compact. The anti-pop technology is way better and the design meant to give you both faster and stable performance.

To shed some light on the design. The tension can easily be adjusted; you just need to take out the center tiles on either of the 6 sides, adjust them equally and you’re good to go. corner cutting is great which gives you the upper hand of solving it faster.

Replacing the traditional stickers that you’ll get on most cubes are the sticker fewer tiles made of ABS materials. This means that there’ll be no peeling, cheating or fading which in the long run gives you the best experience.

To make it even better, it comes tensioned and lubed out of the box! This saves you the hassle of doing the same on your own. Also, it’ll be a while before you’ll have to adjust it. no other better way to get the superb rotation.

9 of 10 – D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 6×6 Speed Cube

D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 6x6 Speed CubeCould it get any harder? Having looked at the 5 x 5 cube, you may wonder whether it’s going to get any more difficult. Well, the answer’s yes!

The D-FantiX Cyclone brings to you one of the best 6 x 6-speed cubes there are. Owing to the fact that it’s a 6×6 cube, having stickers on the small tiles would easily have them come off especially if you’re very fast.

Replacing the stickers is the ABS eco-friendly material which is durable as well and neither fades nor peels off.

Ideal for you and your kids. For anyone that’s 6 years of age and above, this turns out to be the best speed cube for better, faster and more accurate concentration. The bigger the challenge, the better.

Brings to you mind-blowing experience:

Tension adjustable. Though it comes with the tension already set by the manufacturer, you can alter this till you get what is just right for you. Popping is difficult which is a plus for the durability. As for the corner cutting, this is definitely the best you could get from a 6 x 6 cube for faster and smoother experiences.

Summing up, the fact that the cube comes lubed adds on to the smooth motion.

10 of 10 – Shengshou Cube Puzzle, Speed Cube

Shengshou Cube PuzzleThought you’ve seen the toughest puzzle, this one will definitely blow your mind and here’s why…

An even greater challenge to the 6 X 6-speed cube is the Shengshou Cube Puzzle. This 7 x 7 cube is bound to blow your mind. As is expected, matching the colors on all of the 6 sides may seem also impossible even for the best puzzlers.

Even for a large cube, its construction is as compact as you can get from such a large cube. With 4 x 4 x 4 inches and weighing 7.2 ounces, it may be a little bit hard to fit on your hand but on the other hand will be quite light.

The fully functional spring structure within it allows for faster turns and at the same time, you’ll rarely have any lock ups. This makes it simpler for you to solve the puzzle.

Here’s something to be cautious about however:

Durable PVC stickers on the tiles’ surface will serve you well provided you handle them with utmost care. Using the wrong lube on the cube, for instance, may dissolve the sticker glue and they’ll end up falling off.

Nevertheless, for a cube with so many tiles, you’d expect to pop to be present. This is not the case however in this cube. You want something to give you a run for your money- then this is the ultimate challenge for you.

Final verdict.

Summing up this speed cube review, nothing matters as much as details when looking at the cubes. Forget the price tag and forget the brand name. What do you expect to get from the cube? This is the most important question here.

Are the tiles stickerless? Does it have great cutting, is the tension adjustable? Be sure to have this in mind if you want the best. The whole point of getting the speed cubes is to get a bigger challenge. Bearing this in mind, don’t overlook any be it a 2 x 2 or a 7 x 7-speed cube.

All in all, quality and results should complement each other. You want the best, be sure to check out our Top 10 list of 2017.

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