Gans 356s V2 Cube Review (3×3) – 2018’s Best Pick

Gans 356s V2

If you think that there is no way you can have mental exercise and fun at the same time, well, you definitely have not read our Guo Guan YueXiao Reviews. This puzzle is  similar to the Rubik’s cubes but way better than them.

To cut the chase here’s what we’ll be looking at:

The D-FantiX Gan 356S V2 (Lite) 3×3 Speed Cube or as I’d love to refer to it- the ultimate 3×3 speed cube. From the packaging to the first look, one thing’s for certain: this cube will definitely sweep you off your feet.

Without much ado, let’s have a look at what really makes it the best, shall we?

Gans 356s V2 Cube Review

Here’s what makes this something worth your time and money; you do deserve the best after all, don’t you?

## Outstanding design

Want the best design? Then be sure to check this cube out. For starters, owing to the fact that this is the lite version, it comes with a cardboard box instead of the plastic case. This, backed up with the improved Grove track design on the corners as well as the edges will blow your mind

Something to take note of:

The improved grove design means that the groves will now be shallower. This gives you an added advantage since the cube will be more stable and better to control with even fewer lockups. Definitely the best for everyone.

## Durable stickers.

Above all else, what everyone looks for on a speed cube just turns out to be how durable it is. Well as much as most people don’t recommend stickers, this cube just turns out to be the best. Crafted with the eco-friendly ABS material, the cube has got the vivid-colored stick on each tile which will hardly come off.


Out of the box, there is no extra set of stickers included as is the case in the standard version. The same goes for the logo as well.

You should also be careful when applying lube since the sticker glue may come off.

## Guaranteed to give you quite the challenge.

Though you may have bought this as a toy for your kid, it will give you a bigger challenge even than you expect. There as much as 43 quintillion possible moves you can make; doesn’t sound that simple now, does it?

Like all the speed cubes, this one too will give both you and your kid hours of fun and at the same time, enhance your memory and give you better problem-solving skills.

The best thing about it, however, is that it can be used by both the beginner and professional puzzlers. Be sure to check it out- it will give you a run for your money.

## Get to enjoy the most comfortable feel.

One thing’s for sure, it’s not good enough if it’s not comfortable enough. Taking this into account, a lot of features on the cube amount to the level of comfort it offers with the main one being the tension system.

This is simply made possible by loosening or tightening the screws beneath each middle tile. You should have the tension on each screw equally for the best experience.

The best thing about this cube is that out of the box, you’ll have the plastic tension tool packed for you hence you won’t have to go around searching for one to do this.

## Solve the puzzle twice as fast.

Corner cutting is one of the features that determine how good a speed cube is. It is whereby you can be able to turn a face without the cube being fully aligned. With this being one of the main features taken into account when constructing the Gans 356s V2 Cube, it turns out to have one of the top quality 3×3 Speed Cube.

For speed cubers, you’ll definitely enjoy this since you can do this smoothly and quickly without getting any lockups as well.


The outstanding corner cutting capabilities backed up with the fact that it’s lubed out of the box makes it something worth trying out.

## Outstanding anti-pop technology.

Truth be told, the most frustrating thing you can experience when using a speed cube is one of the tiles popping out as you use it. Not only will this break your momentum in solving the puzzle but putting it back all together again will be quite cumbersome.

To ensure that this does not occur, the Gans 356s V2 Cube comes constructed with an ideal anti-pop technology so that no matter how to lose the tension is, it will still have the tiles in place.

So, unless you try to force the tile off after lubing it so much, it won’t budge.

Final verdict.

Summing up the Gans 356s V2 Cube Reviews, all that can be said about it is that this is something spending your time and money on.

From the design and build quality to the outstanding core, even the tiniest detail is checked and perfected. This ends up giving you the fastest and smoothest turns. Taking all the outstanding features it has into account, this cube will give you the biggest bang for your money.

All in all, it’s about making it fun for you and giving you a whole new experience- this cube just has it all. You deserve the best.


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