Guoguan Yuexiao Review : Fastest & Durable


What say you I let you in on a little secret of mine?

Today, I am going to tell you something about one of the best puzzles you can find on the market as well as what makes it as good as it is.

To cut short the chase, we’ll be looking at the GuoGuan YueXiao Review. It’s not the best if it doesn’t give you what you want. This is why it is always important that you look into even the tiniest detail when you make your selection.

That being said, it’s now to draw the curtains and give you something worth spending on…

Guoguan Yuexiao Review: Why it’s simply the best.

As we all know, everyone’s got their own preference when shopping for a sped cube. Nonetheless, we’ve found the GuoGuan YueXiao to have just the ideal features that’ll please almost everyone:

## Get the tension just right.

You deserve to have the best performance on a speed cube. Considering this is only made possible if the cube is fast enough without presenting any difficulties, the tension is one of the major areas of concern. Taking this into account, the GuoGuan YueXiao does come with the tension already set for you.

This, however, does not mean that it’s the best for you. You can adjust it as per your preference. Simply tighten or loosen it equally on all its 6 faces and you’re good to go.

Adjusting is quite simple- Beneath each center piece, you’ll find the screw for this.

## The perfect crafting.

What’s possibly the most important at the same time the most overlooked feature on this cube is that it is constructed with ABS material. this, as it turns out, happens to be just the best material from which a speed cube can be constructed.

ABS is eco-friendly which means that it poses no threat to the environment hence it can be recycled. Also, it is non-toxic which makes it safe even for your kid to play with.

The cube measures only 56mm and weighs only 86g. This renders it neither too small nor too large and at the same time lights enough to use comfortably.

## The ideal toy for your kid.

Need to keep him/her sharp? Then this is your choice and here’s why:

As it turns out, the speed cubes are not just ordinary toys. They are more what you should go for when you want ‘mental exercise’. Your kid, however, doesn’t know this and presenting it to him/her as a toy will make solving puzzles fun.

With time, they’ll develop better and faster problem-solving skills and memorability. It is therefore important that you foster these skills in them at the youngest age.


The cube is not only meant for kids. With 42 quintillion possible moves, it will be a challenge for the adults as well.

## The best anti-pop technology.

It definitely would be annoying when one tile pops out as you make a turn:

To make this a cube worth spending on, the manufacturers have incorporated the best anti-pop technology on it. This means that no matter how fast you are and no matter how much you lube the cube; all the tiles will firmly remain in place.

With an anti-pop technology, corner twisting is made impossible as well to some degree. This, therefore, saves you both the hassle and the time to put the cubes back together.

Be sure to have a look at this one and you won’t be disappointed.

## Solve the puzzle twice as fast.

Speed cubing is all about making things move faster. Well, this cube just has it all.

Here’s why:

With the corner cutting technology, you can be able to make a turn even when the faces are not fully aligned. This simply means that you get to make half or more than half the number of turns you would have made to aligns the colors.

Also, considering that the cube is already lubed after you unboxed it, the movements will be quite smooth. Also, applying lube in some cases can result to the tiles being too loose or falling off if not done properly.

## The most durable stickers

This may probably take away the smile on your face; but no, it’s not a setback.

The cube like most others comes with stickers. The stickers in this case, however, are not the ordinary kind. Their solid nature and firm glue attaching them to the ABS material will ensure that they remain just like that even after using them for some time.

Something to be careful about:

Despite the fact that these are quite durable stickers, they still are stickers. always handle them with utmost care. Whatever you do, don’t get them wet; also, be careful when lubing the cube.

Final Verdict.

To wrap things up, the GuoGuan YueXiao Review has proven that this is actually something worth spending your money on. The design quality is almost flawless, the appearance speaks for itself- quite eye-catching, isn’t it?

That being said, always pay attention to the details since these put together amount to getting the perfect cube as is the case in the GuoGuan YueXiao. Though it may be the best, the GuoGuan YueXiao won’t remain this way unless you handle it properly and with care. Don’t force any of the tiles off or try peeling off the stickers.

Be sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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