TenPenh Editor Profiles

Mary Lawrence

Editor / Food & Grocery

As a proficient cook knows how to prepare food as well as write on topics such as recipes, kitchen safety and interesting trivia about food.

During last few years, it became passionate about spices and herbs and like to shares years of knowledge with hungry audiences.

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Alex Karscig

Editor / Sports

Because of deeply familiar with the subject got the chance to write about sports for several newspapers and corporate clients also.

I can write almost popular sports as well. Written many sports ‘review and preview’ and created sports related blogs also.

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Carly Storms Ewing

Editor / Gardening

gardening is a passion that shows in writing. Already has written several articles on home and garden topics.

As an experienced gardener took a number of classes at the local botanic garden. Can write on planting and develop the gardening project.

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