Weilong GTS Review- Smooth, Fast & Durable

Weilong GTS Review

Simply telling you the best will not cut it though. What I’ll do is let you in on a little secret of mine and share with you some of the things you should consider looking into before getting a speed cube. In doing so, I’ll still talk look at the WeiLong GTS Review and what makes it as good as it is

What would you say if I told you that today, I could give you something that would change your puzzling experience and take it to a whole new level?

Well, that being said, buckle up, I’m bringing the noise…

Weilong GTS Review

From the aesthetics on the outside to the good feeling you’ll be enjoying while turning each face, here’s the secret behind all this.

## Gives you plenty of hours of fugive you this. Just like in all the speed n.

The main point of constructing either a Rubik’s cube or a speed cube is that you get to enjoy the fun in solving the puzzles. With as much as 43 quintillion possible combinations you can get while solving it, it’s just the perfect toy for your kid.


The best part about this cube is not the fun however but how much it contributes to how your kid’s brain works. It will give them an enhanced memory and more so, better problem-solving skills- it’s every parent’s dream for their kids to be sharp after all, isn’t it?

Definitely something worth checking out.

## Has got the best tension system

When it comes to using a speed cube, wouldn’t we all want the perfect tension system?

Well, this turns out to be just the ideal cube to give you this. Just like in all the speed cubes that have an adjustable tension, you can easily set your preferred tension by loosening or tightening the screws on each face beneath the center tile.

The best thing about having an adjustable tension as is the case in the WeiLong GTS, you’ll see what is best for you and also adjust it to what your kid prefers. A good tension system also means that you get to solve the puzzle much faster.

## Outstanding design.

This is one of the areas that makes this one something worth your money.

Starting with the grooved friction surfaces, there will be less friction which makes each turn simpler since you’ll use less effort. Simply put, the surfaces that need less support have been designed to reduce friction.

The maximization of holes gives the cube more rounded impact points that in turn contribute to the smooth and comfortable turning process you’ll be getting.

The center pillar upward movement results in a lower possibility of lockups and a high shape changing rate. To ensure that there is no corner twisting and boost the overall stability, there are enlarged feet pieces.

## Corner cutting.

Wouldn’t it be much more fun if you were able to solve the puzzle twice as fast?

Well, of course, it would be and that’s why corner cutting has not been left out in making this cube. For those who don’t know, this is whereby you’re able to turn the faces when they are not completely aligned.

This is not always as good in most cubes since the inner edges on the others are not as good as is the case on the WeiLong GTS.

To spice things up, even more, the cube comes lubed which makes things move even faster.

## The best build quality.

Though most people do not realize the importance of build quality, it really does matter.

With this taken into account, the WeiLong GTS has is made of ABS material. This is ideal since for starters, it can be recycled and more so, it does not contain any toxins hence it is safe for use by both you and your kid.


One area of concern in the stickers. though they are durable and don’t come off easily, it’s not as good as a stickerless. This, therefore, calls for utmost care when handling it. always ensure that you don’t get it wet.

## Outstanding anti-pop technology.

Whereas the design may seem easy to pop, this is not the case whatsoever. The best thing and perhaps what most people desire on a speed cube is using it without any thread of any of the tiles coming out of place.

Antipop technology keeps all the tiles in place and at the same time, the cube won’t be difficult at all for you to turn.

If this were not present on the WeiLong GTS, it would be quite frustrating since not only will it disrupt your progress but putting it together won’t be easy at all- definitely a cube worth checking out.

Final verdict

Summing up this WeiLong GTS Review, it can be agreed upon that it’s a cube like non-other.

The aesthetics alone will blow your mind. Moving on to what lies within the cube, the design of the edges and the center piece, the corner cutting technology, and anti-pop capability, it’s definitely something worth spending on.

Be sure to have plenty of hours of fun and the best part is that it will prove to be just as good a speed cube for you as well as your kid.

All in all, pay attention to even the tiniest detail and ensure everything is as is stated in the above review.

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