What Is White Honey? Helpful Answer!


what is white honey

When it comes to collecting honey, there is no limit as to how far the bees would travel. Just in case you were wondering, honey collected from different hives has got different enzyme and nutrient composition and so is the taste and color. This then brings us to today’s topic- what is white honey?

What is white honey?

Most of us are probably used to the usual classic golden color of honey. The truth is that though it is unique, white honey is becoming more well-known to most and popularized as well.

Though this may actually be your first time hearing about white honey, you’ll know everything there is to know about it in a short while.

>>> First off, don’t expect the honey to be actually as white as milk. Its lighter than traditional honey and has got a light amber color.

>> The flowers from which the honey comes from are usually from the kiawe trees that naturally grown in Hawaii.

Though this honey is collected as a liquid, it naturally crystalizes to a smooth and creamy white texture similar to that of butter

Which flowers help make white honey?

white honey flowers

So, now that we know what white honey is, which flowers help make the honey?

Let’s get straight to it then, shall we?

The Kiawe tree flowers– these trees are native to Hawaii alone. The honey that is obtained from these trees is normally smooth and creamy.

Alfalfa flowers– these flowers are produced in huge numbers all over Canada and the united states. The purple blossoms give honey that is light in color with a unique mild aroma and flavor.

Blueberryfrom the blueberry flowers of the blueberry bush are tiny white flowers. The nectar from these flowers makes the honey. The honey is light amber in color and has an all-around and full flavor.

Sage– this is specifically produced in California alone. The honey is light in color and heavy bodied. The flavor, on the other hand, is mild but delightful

Health benefits of white honey.

white honeyWe all know and probably love honey due to its sweet taste, right?

Well, besides just this, there is more to it. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that you get from white honey.

  • Guards the body against potential diseases

Honey is well known for its anti-oxidant properties. Due to this, honey has been used for centuries due to the fact that it helps guard the body against various diseases.

With just one spoonful of honey every day, you can be able to ward off diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

  • A perfect and natural pre-workout for energy

When carrying out any physical activity, regardless of how intense it is, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body.

Per tablespoon, honey has got as much as 17 grams of carbohydrates and in addition to this does offer fructose that is slow-burning. These energy sources are able to take you all through the workout session.

  • Relives a cold sore throat

White honey is well known for relieving cold and sore throats. Honey thins the mucous on your throat to relieve the coughs and also as compared to OTC drugs relieves the pain when dealing with sore throats. One spoonful daily can prevent these as well.

  • Give you better digestive health

When it comes to treating gut diseases and taking care of digestive issues, honey can be quite the solution. Helicobacter pylori are the common cause of stomach ulcers.

When white honey is ingested, it coats the stomach walls to prevent further damage and also hastens the healing process.

  • Healthy flavor

Although it can be compared to sugar when it comes to the calorie composition, white honey is much healthier. Besides just having a sweet taste, it does over vitamins, enzymes, and minerals which make your body healthier. When used to flavor your meals, you won’t have to worry about high blood sugar levels

Risks of taking white honey

Besides having innumerable benefits, white honey also does have some health risks, here are some of them:

>>> Some people have got allergic reactions to honey and in some cases, these can be quite intense. If you fall into this category, be sure to seek your physician’s advice first.

>>> Botulism- if your immune system is weal, you may feel nauseated or effects similar to those of food poisoning when taking white honey.

>>> Giving white honey to infants especially under the age of one may result to gastrointestinal sicknesses due to their exposure to bacterial spores

>>> If taken in excessive amounts, honey may result to high blood sugar level in which case you should check your honey intake amounts.

Final Verdict

Coming to the end of our white honey review, this is clearly something worth trying out. It packs most of the health benefits of honey and in addition to this, there’s the sweet taste and aroma of the different flowers from which its obtained.

Regardless of its benefits, you should be keen to observe some of the health risks as well.

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